China Good quality Pig Weaning Stall/Crate Nursery Stall Piglet Feeding Stall near me manufacturer

Item Description

Pig weaning stall/crate  nursery stall piglet feeding stall

Merchandise Description

The nursery crate is utilized for newly weaned piglets, and can nest up to twenty piglets in a nest on a set of pig pens the nursery pen is utilized for recently weaned piglets up to 35 kg right after that, it is on the fattening pen The nursery fence has sufficient fence spot and ample firmness, and ensures the clean drainage channel. The total measurement can be tailored according to client wants.

Item Functions

one. Common specification of stall duration*width*peak=6000mm*3000mm*750mm
two. The stall is composed of uprights, PVC plates and round tubes. The complete uprights and round tubes are sizzling-dip zinc, the thickness of the zinc layer is ≥80um, and the corrosion resistance is strong
3. The doorway adopts the kind of a hook, which can be opened in 2 directions to aid the entry and exit of pigs
4. The thickness of PVC board is 35mm, and the peak is 500mm

Merchandise Parameter
The floor is a plastic flooring, the normal specs are as follows:

Common Specification for Plastic Flooring(mm)
Length Width
400 600
five hundred 600
600 600

Solution Positive aspects

one. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized style,it is labor conserving
two. The PVC board supplies a relatively closed space, which is helpful for the pig to maintain heat.
3. The floor is a plastic dung leaking ground, straightforward to clean, and the piglet is also more relaxed
four. The enclosure is manufactured of PVC plastic steel plate. The surface is easy and CZPT burrs.,outstanding toughness
5 Length and width of crate can be tailored

Business Profile:

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China Good quality Pig Weaning Stall/Crate Nursery Stall Piglet Feeding Stall     near me manufacturer