China high quality Middle Needle Punching Machine Non Woven Product Making Machinery for Felt / Soft Wadding /Hard Wadding with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Middle velocity Needle Punching Equipment

    Needle punching machine can convent the fleeciness textile fiber into Acupuncture cotton,substantial-density and high-spring such as Thermal insulation blanket,Greenhouses quilt uncooked supplies,Footwear resources,Mattresses,Couch cushion,Car mats,Chemical goods and Non-woven fabrics for engineering and so on,via Carding approach,Spreading procedure,Acupuncture method,Strengthening procedure.


The needle punching machine unit is made up of Opening device,Carding machine with chute feeder,Needle machine with winder and cutter.The required components incorporate Fan motor,Principal motors,Speed reducers and Electric powered handle cupboard.We can match machinery for you according to customer’s prerequisite.

Merchandise Specification








Dimension of M/C






Whole electricity



Primary motor

15KW 3 phase AC electrical power 50Hz/ 


Needle density

Count on the customer’s needs


The average output

 360kg/hour(Functioning at width 2500mm&300g/m2under managing regular)



Major motor overload defense


The handle mode

Continual electricity & CZPT control


Working width



 Needle plate

Substantial-toughness aluminum alloy



KOYO/Or in accordance to the customer’s requirements 


Variety of holes

Diameter1.83mm/An inverted cone


Trip of needle 

sixty mm /40mm/40mm


Transfer roller

Diameter:168mm/ Chromium plating method/substantial good quality 50# steel


Needle plate

Higher toughness alloys and shock shape /entirely 18 mm thickness



    The needle punching equipment unit consists of Opening machine,Carding equipment with chute feeder,Needle equipment with winder and cutter.The required areas contain Supporter motor,Principal motors,Pace reducers and Electrical handle cupboard.We can match machinery for you according to customer’s prerequisite.

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Warranty: 12 thirty day period and 12 months free of charge spare components
Out of warranty time: we still provide board and favorable technological assistance and following provider of daily life.
Before cargo, equipment will be examined by our professionals to make certain the can function well.
Our experts will be sent to user’s manufacturing unit to set up the device and teach functions if require. ( the customer just want pay for the technician’s tickets, foods accommodation and income)
Just seeking forward to provider each client,
like you!

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China high quality Middle Needle Punching Machine Non Woven Product Making Machinery for Felt / Soft Wadding /Hard Wadding     with Hot selling