China Standard Most Popular Chicken Farming Layer Cage for Chicken with Good quality

Item Description

Most Well-known Chicken Farming Layer Cage  for  Chicken

HangZhou CZPT ‘s Manufacturer Galvanized broiler/Quail /Chicken cage for  poulrty farm is commonly used in the worldwide. With wholely automated controling system. Scientific layout and leading good quality. Got the good feedback from the globally industry. 
The whole established of merchandise adopts hot-dip galvanizing or chilly-galvanizing process, long service existence, unique cross-opening door style, greater cage door room, and the placement of rooster feeding can be modified arbitrarily, effectively solving the dilemma of crowded and concentrated administration of chickens when consuming. , preserving vitality and methods, using superior ventilation methods, lights methods and automatic management techniques to totally preserve strength, increase labor productiveness.

The trolley feeding manner: the feeds are transported by the auger to the trolley hopper at the entrance of each and every row. Then the feeds are uniformly distributed into the trough of each tier by a moving trolley. In the meantime sum of feeds can be modified.

Entirely Cage System contains:
1).Chicken galvanized cage and frame 
two).entirely automatic ingesting system 
3).totally computerized feeding system 
four).completely automatic manure taking away technique
five)completely computerized birds-harvesting program
6)entirely automatic  lights system 
seven) fully computerized setting and electric powered controller system 

merchandise name  4 tier H sort hen broiler cage Product 9LRC-4192
Substance galvanized wire Tiers four Tiers
a single unit dimension 2400mm×1620mm×3385mm (L×W×H) unit capability 336 birds
one particular mobile dimensions 2400mm×1620mm×500mm (L×W×H) mobile potential 84 birds per cell
daily life span 15~20 years living place/bird 465 cm²

Company Profile

HangZhou CZPT Motor Co., Ltd was established in 2004, dedicating to studying, generating and marketing products for environmental control system.
Main merchandise are fiberglass wall fan, roof fan, CZPT pad, air inlet, electrical controller, reducer, cage system etc.
In Oct of 2016, new manufacturing facility with 20000 s.q.m area was put into use. In purchase to make certain the solution top quality, our company has established up a motor workshop, mostly making admirer motor FRP workshop, specializing in the creation of supporter casing admirer blade workshop, expert to ensure the harmony of supporter blades and we have specialist routinely admirer installation workshop. At the identical time, in purchase to give buyers with better provider, a specialist air flow software layout staff is accessible any time, concentrating on the design of air flow plan for poultry farm, greenhouses, factories and other places.
HangZhou CZPT has obtained ISO9001 top quality system certification, domestic CCC certification, EU CE certification. Supporters are certified by Bess Lab in U.S.A.
At the forefront of industry improvement, we will make optimistic contributions to marketing business improvement and technological progress.

GOFEE pays much more consideration on the products specifics, for much more hassle-free installation,running and working efficiency 

Any demand from customers make sure you feel totally free to contact us.


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China Standard Most Popular Chicken Farming Layer Cage for Chicken     with Good quality