ERH40 Bevel gearbox for greenhouse



ERH40E and RH40D gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact power units for systems where a right-angled transmission must be used. ERH40E and RH40D gearboxes feature a right-angled gearwheel transmission (i=1) and are available in a right-angled version (RH40E) and in a T-version with continuous drive shaft (RH40D). RH40 right-angled gearwheel transmissions are housed in an aluminium housing. Welded sleeve couplings and chain couplings can be used to couple to the tubular drive shafts. ERH40 Gearboxes: Drive torque up to 40 Nm; Rotational speed up to 40 rpm; Suitable for intermittent operation, operating class s3-30%, duty cycle maximum 25 minutes; Other specifications and colours available on request.